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Leasing or buying a new car can hazardous to your bank account without the proper tools and knowledge. Car salesmen will often show no shame when it comes to separating you from your money. Some of the more popular car buying and leasing scams include secret price hikes, disappearing trade equity or cash down payment, secret APR hikes, factor-as-APR scheme, and outrageous hidden fees. Use the  products and information in this web site to help you spot these dirty and sometimes illegal tricks before you sign on the dotted line.

  Car Buying Tools and Services

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Launched in March 1995, is the acknowledged leader in online automotive information. Whether buying or selling a vehicle, shopping for insurance or virtually any auto-related product, offers a comprehensive and positive consumer experience. We like because it has the largest dealer network of any of our partners. This means fast, and competitive quotes on all new and used vehicles.

Click Here for New Vehicle Quotes is an on-line car buying service. From this site you can, you can select and configure your new car and immediately be quoted a competitive price (sometimes very competitive) without providing your name or email address. Your instant quote also shows you the vehicle invoice and MSRP. If you like the price you can place your order for the vehicle on-line after which a customer service rep contacts you and arranges for delivery of your new vehicle. Without a doubt this is the most hassle-free method of buying a car we know of. Getting a price from these guys is so quick and easy, that it should be the first step in any new car acquisition.

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  Auto Leasing Tips and Tools

Here you will find information and tools on how to get the best possible deal on a lease. Use the links below learn the in's and out's of automotive leasing before signing on the dotted line.


Expert Lease Pro Software

Leasing Hot Line Service

Expert Lease Pro Expert Lease Pro is powerful, easy to use auto leasing software to help you lease or buy your next vehicle. In addition to helping you make the right lease/buy decision, this product can save you thousands by helping you spot hidden fees, secret price hikes, disappearing trade-in/equity, or other funny business with the numbers. Expert Lease Pro comes bundled with:

  • Complete New Car Price database that includes Invoice and MSRP Prices for All New Vehicles.
  • Black Book Residuals.
  • Listing of All Current Rebates and Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
  • Unlimited Free Use of the Leasing Hot-Line(TM) Service (right) 
  • Free copy of Leasing Lessons for Smart Shoppers Book by Mark Eskeldson.

"This is really an amazing product. I just got a new car with almost $2,000 savings to my pocket. This is the most powerful negotiation weapon I ever seen. Thank you."

Yakov. P., Brooklyn, NY

"This program made all the difference in my being able to bargain with confidence. It saved me about three thousand dollars when I went to lease a popular car I was led to believe there were no deals on."

Lorraine Feather

Click for Leasing Hot-Line infoLeasing Hot-LineLeasing Hot-Line service puts you in touch with a live expert via toll free number. For $25 you can speak with an expert for up to 20 minutes** who will analyze your lease and alert you to any problems. Leasing Hot Line services include:
  • Answer any questions you may have about your current or future lease.
  • Analyze any lease for potential overcharges, hidden fees, or other problems .
  • Determine the true APR for a lease.
  • Determine which is cheaper for your personal situation: Lease, Loan, or Cash (before tax basis).
  • Provide New Car Prices (Invoice and MSRP) for vehicle.
  • Identify any Factory to Customer Rebates and/or Factory-to-Dealer Incentives.
  • Black Book Residual Value Quote
  • Coaching on the process of negotiating.

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** $25 for up to 20 minutes, $1 per minute thereafter. Most consultations last 30 minutes or less.

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